Friday, September 16, 2022

Study MBBS in Russia


In best Medical Universities of Russia We are top consultant of

the Best Medical Universities of Russia.

Study MBBS in Russia is the dream of many medical students for affordable tuition fees and placement in the best universities. In “YASH OVERSEAS’’ Since 2010 we have provided  the abroad education,training  and placement consultancy service. We already placed more than 100 students in many countries like MBBS in Russia,Georgia, in the last 10 years for different courses and studies. We also provide various services for students like Education loan,Passport,Air ticket,Immigration visa and Student visa.

Russia is a country located  in Asia and Eastern Europe. “MOSCOW” is the capital of Russia. The Government of Russia is dependent  on a democratic form of rule.Russia became a trusted hub of Europe, Medical Education. MBBS in Russia is the first selection and high in trend by Russian Ministry of Health and Education as compared to various western countries.Russia is globally known and highlighted for the best for the top universities and institutes.

“Study MBBS in Russia” Why choose this option?

  • Easy  to apply for getting  admission in Russia.
  • Don’t need any Entrance Exam and donation to pay for admission process.
  • World known and recognized degrees are provided by Medical Universities of Russia.
  • Maximum universities have an Indian food facility in the canteens.
  • The universities in Russia give perfect and satisfied service to enroll students of India without any compliment and issues.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

MBBS in Georgia


         Georgia is one of the famous places to carry on a career in MBBS. Georgia University is offering the best structures for all the medical students and also allows who hasn’t passed the test of two languages (IELTS+TOEFL). There are many WHO admitted medical colleges in Georgia. Georgia provide very low-cost of price to study MBBS in Georgia. Medical colleges of Georgia are offering a high quality of education at a low-cost price. MBBS in Georgia is not such as popular country. Because many students who were going to study MBBS in Russia & Ukraine.

  •     Top universities for studying MBBS in Georgia
  1. Tbilisi medical academy 
  2. Tbilisi open teaching university 
  3. University of Georgia  
  4. Caucasus international university 
  5. David agmashenebeli university of Georgia 
  6. New vision medical university, Georgia           
  7. Akaki Tsereteli state university, AKAKI

       The time period of studying MBBS in Georgia is a 6 years in total. 1 years of training in a hospital that is linked to the university you are studying in. And 5 years of academic studies. Georgia obtained independence from the Soviet Union on April 9, 1991. Then it is called Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. World-class research substructure to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is just a basic advantage providing that the medical colleges in Georgia, which are manage by the medical council of India (MCI), World health organization (WHO), and other prominent medical authorities that support standard at par with the best internationally.

      The experience of studying ‘MBBS in European countries’ has always issued to be the best for Indian students and Georgia is renowned for its medical education across the globe. The department of education and science of Georgia has specific certification to major institution, colleges and universities in Georgia. It is a goal for Indian students to study MBBS and add a global degree to their educational program. For all the students who wants to carry on MBBS in Europe, MBBS in Georgia is actually worth recognize.


Friday, February 25, 2022

MBBS in Georgia



       Georgia is a European country which is situated at the crossing of Eastern Europe and vest Asia. Students planning to get best medical universities in Georgia don’t have to offer any entrece test and admission is issued on the basis of the marks gained in class 12. Georgia country is famous to the medical education. We are provided services to the students to study MBBS in Europe. Georgia is one of the well-known places to carry on career in MBBS. It is the most preferable goal for all the aspiring medical students.

        MBBS universities in Georgia give the best structures for all the medical students and also give who has not passed the test of two languages (IELTS + TOEFL). MBBS IN GEORGIA is a stage where medical students assure oneself to find a high – paying job in some medical farms and hospital during the entire world.

         MBBS fees in Georgia for this period will be very much inexpensive and cheaper than other international universities. MBBS admission in GEORGIA will open up an ocean of facilities for the aspiring medical students and help them to make a smart and bright future.


Top universities in Georgia 

1.Tbilisi state university

2.European university 

3. Akaki Tsereteli state university  

4.University of Georgia 

 5. Tbilisi medical academy 

 6.Tbilisi stat medical university

 7.Batumi Shota Rustaveli University  

 The duration of the course of MBBS will be 5 years in total. MBBS in Georgia also give a chance for 1 years of residency. Georgia is a unified, semi – presidential republic country with a government via a representative democracy. Georgia is a member of the committee of Europe and economic growth. Additionally, all the joined universities in Georgia offer unique coaching programs in the last year of MBBS the students who are desire to practice in India, are an additional perk avail our service

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

Indian students studying at low cost in abroad for MBBS is not wrong. MBBS From a private medical college in India students will pay 75 lakh or more. Whereas, that Students Study Medicine abroad, they will pay range of 9 to 60 lakhs. Abroad Universities Provide very High quality of education. The Students face a Very low Stress & they are able to Study in free environment. MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost is not a myth. Indian Students have graduated from medical schools from abroad & they are liked to succeed than students graduating from other Countries. When Indian Students are doing MBBS in Abroad it will be much cheaper for Indian Students.

Advantages of MBBS in abroad for Indian Students

All over India there are approx 50,000 Seats Available for MBBS. All over India 10 Lakh students are appearing & state level entrance tests every Year. That proves that every year, only 5% of students are aspiring to become a doctor & that will achieve their goals. Now in Abroad studying MBBS has become more easy & Comfortable than before. It will be advantageous of MBBS in abroad for Indian Students All over India there are a 335 total medical college. Whereas, 335 out of 181 are private institute and 154 government institutes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Russian Medical Universities absorbing approximately 30 places top 100 statuses, medical universities conforming to the universe health association. Russian universities give the most latest and complicated level of higher education in the universe as each and every educational institute is fit appointed and teaching systems are regulated and modernized. At the recent time, considering 5000 students and those are Indian students and Study MBBS In Russia.

Basically, following universities are top Best medical universities in Russia:-

·         Chuvash State University Medical Academy
·         Kabardino - Balkarian State medical Universities
·         Kursk state medical University
·         Kazan state medical University
·         MCI Volgograd State Medical University
·         Ulyanovsk State University

Best medical universities and colleges in Russia are a unit at equality with various medical colleges of various countries and still the fee structure is so reasonable. As correlated to various foreign countries, the fees for MBBS in Russia are very less. The facilities, the adjustment and consistent the opposed daily apply services area unit whole Best Medical University in Russia fabulously lower.

Friday, February 21, 2020

MBBS in Georgia

Why Georgia is a great option to study MBBS? And is MBBS in Georgia good? Truly, GEORGIA is an incredible choice to consider MBBS, if you have enough assets. There are two awesome colleges there and those two are recognized by MCI and WHO. Both Armenia and Georgia are genuinely safe, made sure about and cordial towards Indian nationals. There is a lot of goodwill for India. Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic, with the government chose through a delegate vote based system.

Likewise, Georgia nation clinical training is well known over the world. Examining MBBS in Georgia is something worth considering in the event of students who wish to contemplate MBBS in Europe. Having a solid training system is critical, except when you are an MBBS wannabe. Because of an astounding MBBS education system, with the educator to student proportion of 20:1, Georgia is your last goal of MBBS study. The MBBS courses in Georgia's universities are perceived by WHO and MCI, two of the most eminent overall associations.

You should have some eligibility to study MBBS in Georgia like your age should be 17+ then we are providing you the admission. And you have to complete 10+2 with science group, or you must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects in 10+2 grade and it’s compulsory you must score your 10+2 examination at least 50%. And the last one is very important is that you also qualified by NEET exam for MBBS studies.  

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Study MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS in Philippines, for what reason would you say you are intrigued to Study MD/MBBS in Philippines? Have you done what's needed research before you have chosen to think about Study MBBS in Philippines? On the off chance that you have not done that, data on this page will assist you with identifying the correct Philippines therapeutic school for your medical training. Your choice in this your life is what will choose not only your next 5 years of your medical training, it will decide the degree of progress, you will accomplish in your profession as a specialist. 

In this way, take a few moments to realize every one of the realities given about favorable circumstances/disservices of considering an MD/MBBS In Philippines, China, Russia and other abroad nations before taking the choice. Do you realize that, there are ~ 76,000(as of 2020) MBBS situates in India? In the event that you have a place with any held classification and scored NEET stamps over 107, you become qualified to think about the therapeutic course in any Indian medical school just as outside restorative college/school/school. Sounds extremely simple right. Yet, the issue is that, a lone portion of these therapeutic seats are reasonable by Indian students.